Incredible WTM!

  • Posted on: 13 November 2016
  • By: Aline Dobbie
This year’s WTM was a three-day event instead of the old way with four days; I think it is a vast improvement as all of the people concerned are busy people with jobs and commitments and the fewer days but longer hours makes for progress.
I attended all three days and found it very productive. The improved way that a press member can connect with the thousands of exhibitors through the WTM website made it so easy, but one has to be diligent and do that preparation and then one is rewarded by positive responses. I worked solidly meeting representatives from India, Srilanka, Canada, Mexico, Greece, many of them from Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Scotland and Belgium. As well as individual meetings I attended the press conference for India with the Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma who opened the proceedings and the Greek press conference with their tourism minister.
Award ceremonies play an important role as well. Responsible Tourism continues to encourage people globally to apply to be awarded accolades for responsible tourism which is of benefit to us all and in their individual countries.
India has made a good progressive step forward with her attitude to improve her general tourism experience and there were all sorts of initiatives announced by the Secretary for Tourism for Government of India. I was really encouraged by the whole ethos now. It is only by welcoming tourist / travellers with efficient means of obtaining visas, making travel faster, simpler and safer, providing clean and safe public washrooms, general safety and determination to be good custodians of India’s awesome heritage that people will decide to visit this vast enticing country. Yes, India still has many challenges, but when the charms predominate then people will come in their thousands to sample what truly is Incredible India!
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