Quicklook at India

Quicklook at India coverIndia is destined to play a major role in shaping the 21st Century.  It is the second largest country in the world by population and may well become the largest.  It is the world’s largest democracy.

Rapid economic growth has made it one of the world’s leading economies, a position that seems certain to strengthen.  India is a nuclear power, with the world’s second largest army.

India embraces many different peoples, languages and religions.  Nowhere has older or deeper cultures, or so much diversity.  India is a land of great contrasts.

Modern developments sit side by side with the very ancient.  World class technologies are emerging in a country struggling with massive problems with basic infrastructure.  Millions graduate from university each year but basic education is a problem for many more millions.  A growing and ever more prosperous middle class has emerged but hundred of millions continue to live in poverty.

My contribution to the Quicklook series opens up India, its history, culture and position in the world. I seek to give you an insight from my deep understanding and love for the country in which I was born and lived for many years.

Book reviews

Let me explain the three main attributes of the book. For the novice, the book is well-planned and organized covering the five thousand years of India in fifty pages. This ‘capsule’ needs to be taken for a couple of weekends before one embarks on a journey to India for any reason; be it business, or search for adventure. Going through the book while having a cup of Assam tea will provide extra flavour to the novice!

Krishan Ralleigh, Editor India Link reviewed the Quicklook at India - read the full review.

What to expect in the book

Quicklook Books are short, ‘know the basics’ guides to a range of subjects.  Quicklook at India, like others in the series, is an electronic book accessible from any PC, Mac, handheld device or device providing full access to the internet, including many ereaders.  Quicklook publishes layman-friendly books which take you to the heart of a big subject in a clear, short guide and are perfect for busy business travellers.

How to buy the book

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  • Published 1 Aug 2012 by Quicklook Books Limited
  • ISBN 1908926074